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How do i install Perl module Net/ in Redhat 7.4 ?



Net/ As far as I understand, the Perl-style module name for that would be Net::SFTP, then. According to, that is a pure Perl implementation of SFTP. The corresponding RedHat-style RPM package name would be perl-Net-SFTP, but there does not seem to be such a package available in RHEL 7.4.

The EPEL repository has perl-Net-SFTP-Foreign, or Net::SFTP::Foreign in Perl module name style, which uses any installed OpenSSH client instead of implementing its own. So it would benefit from OpenSSH security updates.

But if you absolutely need Net::SFTP, then you always have the option of compiling it for yourself. Make sure you have the compiler and development tools and libraries installed (the Development Tools and Additional Development package groups), make sure the perl-CPAN RPM is installed, and you have Internet connectivity. Then run:

perl -MCPAN -e shell

On the first run, this will ask some questions to determine the location of the closest Perl archive mirror and if you have a WWW proxy or not. Once you see the cpan[1]> prompt, type:

cpan[1]> install Net::SFTP

This will automatically attempt to download, compile and install the Net::SFTP Perl module, and any other modules it depends on, like Math::Int64 and Net::SSH::Perl at least. The dependent modules may have dependencies of their own, so you may see the system automatically download and install quite a number of Perl modules.