Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server - Oracle Java RPMs repository is empty

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Since a few days, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server - Oracle Java RPMs is empty.

Tested with :
- Oracle Java RPMs x86_64 7Server
- Oracle Java RPMs x86_64 7.3

I tried with

  • VM direcly subscribe to RHN :

rhel-7-server-thirdparty-oracle-java-rpms/7Server/x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server - Oracle Java (RPMs) 0

  • Satellite 6.2 : Add Redhat Product > Sync repos :

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server - Oracle Java RPMs x86_64 7Server yum Success 6 minutes ago
0 Packages
0 Errata
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server - Oracle Java RPMs x86_64 7.3 yum Success 6 minutes ago
0 Packages
0 Errata

it seems to be linked with " Upcoming changes affecting Red Hat’s distribution of Oracle Java SE software after 30 November 2017"

it's very annoying, all my subscriptions was purchased before 30 November 2017. Sadly, can't install Oracle Java anymore


This broke on Friday, Dec 1, 2017. These were available on Thursday, Nov 30, 2017. At the same time, RHSA-2017:1790 (Java 8) and RHSA-2017:1791 (Java 7) were pulled as well.

Also, "Where are Oracle/Sun/IBM Java packages located?" located at was removed from public view on Nov 30, 2017. Google Cache shows this has these repositories listed as the solution.

It appears to be explained in the article titled "Oracle Java SE Access " (3253281). The next question is "what is an eligble RHEL subscription" to continue receiving Oracle Java? This is very vague. The answer appears to be "Please contact Red Hat Technical Support with any questions."

RedHat needs to provide a follow-up to the notification because current behavior does not appear to be accurate. As stated above, for subscriptions that have already been purchased (ie- according to the wording of the notice these are ones that should continue to have access) the repo is empty. Therefore, this is either a bug, or the notice is incorrect.

In either case, we have missed a deployment deadline now since our deployment process has to suddenly be reworked.

I had a quick answer from the support, they send me a full tarball for RHEL6 and 7 with all java versions. I'm still waiting a clear answer about how to continue the have update. For people who work with Satellite, no way to use redhat repositories. You will have to create a custom repo and upload them manually (hammer).

Update: For customers who need packages as soon as possible, create a case and RedHat will send you a tarball with RPM. In the same time, Redhat teams are working on setting up new repositories for customers with existing subscriptions in order to provide on-going access to this content. So after the availability of new repositories, you would be able to get the updates from the new repositories. In the meantimes, ask package to Redhat, create a custom repository and upload them.

I am more interested in the alternative of JavaFX as OpenJFX is not shipped on RHEL.

I'm also interested as the documents out there are stale. I'm doing some testing via my developer access, and it's kinda silly that the only official documentation about adding RHEL-7-server-thirdparty-oracle-java-rpms provides 0 packages in that repo.

Hi ! :)

You (unfortunately) will have to live with the situation "as it is" ... alternatively install the original ORACLE version.



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