subscription-manager: Disable custom content/repos by default when attaching subscription

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I was wondering if there is a global setting for subscription-manager you can use to change the behaviour that enables custom repositories by default.

I know it is possible to change Product Content defaults on activation key basis but this only affects repos that currently exist in Satellite, it doesn´t affect repos that I add after the activation key has been created.

This means that as soon as I add another repo to a custom product and publishes the content view, the repo will be enabled on ALL existing hosts that are using the content view.


Currently no. Custom Products default to 'enabled' for repositories. If you think this would make a good RFE, please file a support case or bugzilla requesting this.

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Thanks. Since we are using puppet and the subscription_manager forge module I was able to create workaround to disable rhsm pool repos when the subscription is attached by puppet instead...

We are running Satellite 6.4.3 and facing the same problem!! That’s is frustrating and painful to workaround when we talking about 17.000 servers.

Hello, the best options I see are just workarounds: - when adding a new custom repo to a product, or before publishing a new version of CV with that content, change the Product Content defaults. This might be automated via hooks, but I am not sure if/how and if it is supported. - use puppet/ansible/crontab/.. to regularly disable unwanted repos (by disabling all and enabling just relevant)

If you think this isn't sufficient, please raise a support case requesting RFE.