Is it possible to get a list of all hosts in Satellite using a specific repo?

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Running Satellite 6.2.12 now.

Is there any way we can get a list of all hosts that actually have installed packages from a particular repo (EPEL in our case)?


I played around with this a lot trying to get an answer. Hammer seems to limited to get a reasonable answer. I actually started poking around within MongoDB to get the info. However, it almost appears that once packages are installed they are only listed as on the host by name/version. There doesn't seem to be any reference back to the repository which they came from.

It would be possible to export off the 'profile' of packages installed on each host and then compare that against a list of packages available in the repository in question. That's pretty compute intensive if you have lots of hosts.

One thing that MAY be useful (but may not report all hosts) is to sync the repository you're curious about but DON'T yet update hosts. Then you can go to the 'Errata' page of Satellite and filter Errata by the repository you're curious about. This view will then give you a list of hosts that have applicable errata from this repository. That's a good indication that the package came from this repository. However, there are at least (2) caveats:

  1. If the packages installed on your systems don't happen to have applicable errata they won't show in this view even though they might have been installed from that repo

  2. It is possible that a given package exists (probably with different version) in multiple repositories so you may have packages report as applicable even if they were installed from some other repository that contains the same package.

Is it still not implemented in Satellite (eg6.5)?