RHEL 7.4 registration / subscription problem

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I successfully installed RHEL7.4 on my first PC and for the first time am successfully subscribed, however i change the installation disk so that i format and installed again there happened the subscription manager display "No service level will cover all installed products. please manually subscribe using multiple service levels via "All available subscription tab or purchase additional subscriptions. I'm failing with subscribing after registering (and even forcing a registration) as follows:
[root@dhcppc9 ~]# subscription-manager register --username xxxx --password xxxxt --auto-attach --force
The system with UUID ba9f5742-4c4d-9c72-e42c34f02fd4 has been unregistered
Registering to: subscription.rhsm.redhat.com:443/subscription
The system has been registered with ID:7e8dbad6-0538-449d-a626-2f9c37dfd86e

Installed Product Current Status:
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Status: Not Subscribed

Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products.
[root@dhcppc9 ~]# subscription-manager list --available --all

No available subscription pools to list

Any help much appreciated.


Hello Tessfu If you login here https://access.redhat.com/management/ you can manage your subscriptions remove licences etc Kind Regards Ryan

Hi Tessfu. When you wish to reinstall a server the best you can do, in my opinion, is to unregister the server before reformatting with [root@dhcppc9 ~]# subscription-manager unregister In this senario you don't have to go to the website to manage your subscriptions manualy.

a subscription management that is not working for evaluation is a real pain for this product!!! should i really buy?

Hello Robert, as I already told you here today : Nobody forces you to evaluate or buy Red Hat products. If you want to discuss something - good ... if you have a question - good ... if you want to provide a solution - good. Please note that we do not appreciate placing pure negativity only in our community (this is not "facebook", you know).
Please act accordingly in the future and you're welcome. Thanks for understanding !