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Is there a way to download the PDF for the course book when it's not a video class?



Not at this time. The "Online Training" modality was designed to be HTML based and does not offer a PDF option. Conversely, the team that manages the Video Classroom product wanted to build their book experience around a PDF, not doesn't offer an HTML alternative.
Ultimately, I'd like to move to the point where we offer both in both modalities, but at this point there's no actual work happening on this front, it's merely a desire of the Product Manger to have this ... one day.


Thanks for the transparency. I like to follow along with the PDF and use it for reference during the video classes. I was looking to do the same when moving through an online course. Truth be told, I wish the course had a video option as the video aspect is more important than the format of the material.

Video courses are time, personnel, and budget intensive to produce. So we look at spending those resources where we can hit the most consumers of the content. We actually did experiment with producing a batch of Video Classes for some of the courses in the portfolio that don't generally have enough in-person students to run a healthy schedule, thinking that students who wanted these topics would find it easier/more desirable to take the training on demand. But that didn't turn out to be the case. We have a finite pipleine for producing Video Classes and we try to fill it with those courses that are the highest consumed. So, for example, if we have a choice between the #11 most consumed "Online Training" modality class or producing an update of the #3 most consumed class, such that it's on the most recent version, #3 will be at the front of the pipe, and #11 will be produced later. Given the frequency of some of our updates, generation of new content, like our recently released DO409VC Automation with Ansible Tower II, there's going to be a segment of the portfolio that's just not going to get to the front of the pipeline.


That makes perfect sense. Some of the newer videos I've watched are great. Looking forward to seeing more as they can be produced.

The PDF format is great and extremely helpful to have. I print out the PDF to any video courses and use the PDF as my main study guide, rarely using the video course, unless I'm stuck on something and need it demonstrated.

I believe PDFs should be available to the html, non-video courses as well.

pdf document open any where and study and learn easily