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I am trying to figure out how to add some puppet modules so that I can have it update some configuration files on existing hosts and be able to "push"/update file on new provisioned hosts.
One example is need to update the sysctl.conf file with some specific pieces so that I don't have to hand edit everytime.
Anotherone is setting the time using timedatectl instead of doing by hand.
I am gradually building out profiles for each type of server we have so when provisioned they meet the security needs and have the applications installed on them with min interaction on our part. So streamlining the build process as much as possible. Any help would be appreciated have been going through a lot of the reference pages but not helping at this point.
All my systems are RHEL 7.4 with a few exceptions of RHEL 6.9
I have 4 different profiles I will be building out in 2 different environments. Dev/Test and Production
Satellite version is 6.2

Thanks in adavance


I have solved my own questions with trial and error

In your example you can use system facts to determine the OS / network (dev/test) to apply your different configurations.

How did you end up solving it?

I ended up using Configure -> (Puppet) Config Groups and setting a configuration group per OS and per application set I wanted