Rest service deploy problem on several child containers

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Hello all.
We use Red Hat JBoss Fuse 6.1. I'm developing now a rest service. I have two managed containers in fabric. When I deploy my service on one container everything is good. When I deploy the service on second child container I get error. The service successfully deploys only one container, not on both at the same time. Simultaneously on both containers does not work. How can I solve this issue?



Hello Rakymzhan,

This problem is due to a port clash. Both of your REST services are trying to bind to the same port on the same host and this is not possible. Fortunately, Fabric provides a mechanism to help you solve this kind of port clash. See chapter 11, "Allocating Ports" of the 6.3 "Fabric Guide":

Best regards, Fintan Bolton

Thank you for your quick help.