RHEL7 Network Device Name changes when Importing OVA

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Hi everyone,

I've started going through the RHEL7 Networking guide to discover how best to change the network device name when importing a RHEL7 VM that has been exported as an OVA file in VirtualBox and imported on a different machine with VirtualBox but different network hardware. (using RHEL 7.4 w/ latest patches)

When exported, the original VM has a NIC name of enp0s3, but after importing on new a machine we get a message like the following?

“Bringing up interface np0s3:  Error: Connection activation failed: No suitable device found for this connection.”

I'm thinking I need to "prep" the VM for cloning before exporting to an OVA file.

Does anyone know the procedures for this?


False alarm. The user did not select "Connect Cable" in the VM Settings of VirtualBox. Silly users.