How to create a new user (other than admin) in RHV-M GUI to access api?

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I have deployed RHV 4.1 in my lab. Now, I want to create a user (other than existing admin user) to access RHV-M GUI as well as api. Please explain me how to do this.



Go to the admin portal of your RHV instance (https://RHVM_FQDN/ovirt-engine/webadmin/), select tab "Users" and click the "Add" link.

I think it not correct...

In this case... this will help.


use ''ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool'' command

[root@rhv4-m ~]# ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool user add user1 --attribute=firstName=user1
adding user user1...
user added successfully
Note: by default created user cannot log in. see:
/usr/bin/ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool user password-reset --help.

and password reset

[root@rhv4-m ~]# ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool user password-reset user1 --password=pass:redhat
updating user user1...
user updated successfully

now you can login RHV-M GUI interface.

You have answered the question on how to create a user via the the command line. The original question is how to create a user in (via) the RHV-M Gui.

yes. you right. but that GUI function can't add a new internal user.

Hello Siem

I believe KangWoo Lee is correct. As far as I know it's a 2 step procedure. At least this is how I did it. We needed an internal user for virt-who.

ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool user add virt-who --attribute=description='Virt-who user for Satellite' --attribute=firstName=virt-who

Set password and 'valid to' (just an example)

ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool user password-reset virt-who --password-valid-to="2016-01-22 23:30:53Z"

Check the newly added account

ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool user show virt-who

After this procedure I added the user via the WEB UI and gave role accordingly to function. In this case ReadOnlyAdmin.

I should have mentioned that my answer requires a RHV-M connected to AD/Kerberos. In that case it is a single step procedure. When your RHV-M is not connected to AD or you require an internal user, you indeed first need to create an internal user.

Dear friends,

How to assign the admin rule after creation the user? please advise.

Old question, but the answer if others stumble across this post is:

In UI: Administration -> Users. Click on username for the user you want to change permissions for. Select the Permissions menu -> Add System Permissions -> Super User.

That's it.