NTP not syncing to Windows Server 2012R2 Time Server

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Hi, for some reason the CentOS or RedHat are not syncing to the Windows Time Server... I get unsynchronised message when try to run ntpstat... I am able to ping, and if I ran ntpdate three times it gets updated, but eventually it'll drift apart... Need assist on this case... Thx,


Hi, I'm also trying to sync NTP client machine. NTP server is running on Window Server 2012, this is broadcasting NTP packets at 1 minute of interval. NTP broadcast is receiving on and it is showing on wireshark.

I've done some modification in default /etc/ntp.conf

disable auth broadcastclient

and commented all 4 server lines .

If i pass a command like,

ntpdate -u

ntpdate[3679]: no server suitable for synchronization found

ntpq -pn

No association ID's returned.

finally my client machine date-time is not syncing with NTP server, what I should do ?


Would it be possible to run the following commands and share your findings:

chronyc sources


Pushpendra Kumar Singhal,

It may be good to remove the IP address you shared above.

Anyone experiencing issues with chronyd - What happens with ntpq -p

Anyone experiencing issues with chronyd - Additionally, please see this Red Hat discussion "How to troubleshoot chrony issues" and let us know how this goes.