Overcloud Node Introspection Fails due to iPXE issue : 0x040ee119

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I am trying to deploy RHOSP 10, undercloud has been configured successfully and while deploying Overcloud (Baremetal deployment on HP DL 380 Gen9 servers) node introspection is failing due to iPXE error.

Initially I tried with Quanta Server and it is working perfectly. But due to some other dependencies, I have to use HP Sevres for Overcloud and I am stuck with this issue.

Please refer the below attachment for more details.


It looks like it can't detect the PXE server on the undercloud. I think the Quanta Servers are properly connected to the provisioning/introspection network while the HP Servers aren't for some reason.

What network CIDR are you using for the provisioning/introspection network? And is the chosen NIC you're booting the HP Servers with (net0, it seems) properly connected to this network?