How to assign our own mac address to a particular VM while creating

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Is it possible to give/assign our own mac address for VM's while creating them using RHV-Manager?
I know that "mac pool" under configuration tab which assigns in that mac range, but here I am looking for specific mac for specific VM.

Is it possible???

Thanks in Advance!!!


As far as I can see, the admin portal of RHV does not provide a method of setting a MAC-address. Another option is to set this via the REST-api. Please have a look at RESTfull Service Description Language for RHV, you can retrieve it via: https://rhv_fqdn/ovirt-engine/api?rsdl
The VM add and NIC-add/update calls allow you to set the MAC-address,

If you click on the new VM then click on the 'Network Interfaces' sub-tab, and click 'new', there is the checkbox 'Custom MAC' address. This allows you to enter any MAC address you wish - even ones outside the designated pool.

Hello Marcus! I am reviewing a lot of Mac change requests... if i manually entry a Mac that is already in use by another vm, i will get a warning ?

Hello, if you try to add a duplicate mac, it should give you an error and prevent you from saving the change.

I've created a bug to get this procedure included in the documentation. You can track progress on it here:

The procedure relating to assigning a MAC address to a virtual machine has been updated and is available here:

It is asking for (1) IP address assign (2) while VM is being created. It is not asking for (1) MAC address assign (2) upon VM creation. Please advise.