gluster tuned profile doesn't exist

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In the RHGS v3.2 Admin Guide I read "Red Hat Gluster Storage includes tuned profiles tailored for its workloads.".
However, these profiles (rhgs-random-io and rhgs-sequential-io) seem not to be present on the Gluster nodes in /etc/tuned (check with ls).

So, setting the profile fails:
$ tuned-adm profile rhgs-random-io
Requested profile 'rhgs-random-io' doesn't exist.

We are using a layered install (instead of ISO) on RHEL7.3.
Is that the reason? Or how are these profiles installed?




The profiles are installed via rpm named with the following standard


I unfortunately don't have an RHGS subscription currently to confirm, but searching for profiles in your available channels may turn up what you're after

yum search tuned-profiles


Thanks for your response. I have the RHEL and Gluster (server, client, nfs, console,...) repo's enabled, but nothing for tuned profiles shows up with yum...

I now see that these directories exist in /usr/lib/tuned, but are empty (no tuned.conf in there):

$ ls -l /usr/lib/tuned/rhgs-*
total 0

total 0