How to delete a host entry from RHEV-M database?

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My self-hosted engine environment contains 2 additional hosts (H2 and H3) for manager's HA and the manager is running on Host H1.
I removed a host(H2) from my self-hosted engine environment through RHV-Manager GUI. Now, it's no longer visible on the manager's GUI but it's still visible from other hosts (Host H3) when I type "hosted-engine --vm-status" on the command line.

One resolution I encountered with, is to remove the host entry from the manager's database. How to do this?

If there is any other way, please explain in detail. Thank you.



You should be able to use 'hosted-engine --clean-metadata' for this:

# hosted-engine --clean-metadata --help
Usage: /usr/sbin/hosted-engine --clean_metadata [--force-cleanup] [--host-id=<id>]
    Remove host's metadata from the global status database.
    Available only in properly deployed cluster with properly stopped

    --force-cleanup  This option overrides the safety checks. Use at your own
                     risk DANGEROUS.

    --host-id=<id>  Specify an explicit host id to clean

If the host no longer exists, the host ID can be specified so the command can be run from another remaining host.


Is there any way to perform this action from RHV-M GUI?