Where is the engine-image-uploader?

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I need to import and run my appliance in .OVA format to RHEV4.1.
The Admin Guide says that "The engine-image-uploader command allows you to list export storage domains and upload virtual machine images in OVF or OVA format to an export storage domain and have them automatically recognized in the Red Hat Virtualization Manager. ".

But there is also a remark saying "The export storage domain is deprecated."

Moreover I cannot fing the engine-image-uploader command at any repo.

Can anybody guide me on uploading and importing my .ova file to the hypervisor (RHEV 4.1).



The image uploader tool was deprecated in 4.0 and is no longer available in 4.1, so I'll have that section removed from the Admin Guide. It's been replaced with a disk image uploader in the UI and REST API.

If your aim is to upload the OVA to a storage domain, I believe this procedure works with OVAs, but possibly only certain types: Uploading and Downloading a Disk Image to a Storage Domain

We also have documentation bugs open to add more detail about the appliance types supported by the UI/REST API uploader tool and importing OVAs from VMware.