How to add a 3rd party product to a Satellite server

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I have a system administrator with a requirement to add syslog-ng to some servers he manages. Syslog-ng isn't included by default in the Redhat repositories.
Is it possible to add syslog-ng to a Satellite server as a 3rd party product so that someone can just run "yum install syslog-ng" to install it without having to create an individual repository on each server?

Edit - I should have added relevant version information - Satellite 6.2, running on RHEL 7.3


I believe the EPEL repository has it, based on their information. All he needs to do is enable/add EPEL on the Satellite.

You wouldn't happen to have a link for doing that on Satellite 6.2 do you? That one only seems to apply for Satellite 5.x (6.2 has changed things around a lot - none of those menus referenced in the link apply to 6.2)

Like this? 0 or 1. Read comments too, as relevant information can be found there as well.

How do we ignore/block the errata from EPEL? For instance, if the EPEL repo contains a newer version of the RHEL provided packages and I even though I've filtered the EPEL content, it still flags as if there is an errata available. Only problem is it's coming from EPEL. I would hope with a filter that it would be blocked by the filter. It's flagged as not installable but applicable.