the client is not authorized to request an authorization

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Hi Guys,

I have installed RHEV-M 4.1 successfully. but I got a problem when i am trying to login:
the client is not authorized to request an authorization
i have tried :



I have done the following solutions but it does not work.
add hostname in : nano /etc/sysconfig/network

add hostname in: Nano /etc/hosts
ip address hostname

hostnamectl set-hostname name

Please advise
Thanks in advance.


Check ovirt-engine service is running. Please provide more information on the error.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your reply.

It was a fresh installation for Both a RHEL OS, then i have followed the steps to install RHEV-M, and it was successful.

But when i am trying to login. i got the mentioned problem above.

I think the problem from a hostname, becoz I have changed it after install RHEL.


Did you also update the hostname in ovirt-engine?

Take a look at this article. Renaming the Manager with the Ovirt Engine Rename Tool

echo 'SSO_ALTERNATE_ENGINE_FQDNS = ""' > /etc/ovirt-engine/engine.conf.d/99-alternate-engine-fqdns.conf && systemctl restart ovirt-engine

can u pls try below steps on the server and instead of using IP on the client use

[root@rhevm ~]# cat /etc/httpd/conf.d/ovirt-engine-root-redirect.conf

RedirectMatch ^/$ /ovirt-engine/

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ [NC,OR] RewriteRule ^ovirt-engine/(.*)$1 [L,R] [root@rhevm ~]# cat /etc/ovirt-engine/engine.conf.d/99-custom-sso-setup.conf SSO_ALTERNATE_ENGINE_FQDNS="" [root@rhevm ~]# hostname rhevm.local


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