Installing RHEV-H Hypervisor 4.1

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According to the official Documentation: we have to Download the RHVH ISO image, which is not listed in the download page for RHEV-H .( as shown the attached photo).

There are two Products in the download page for RHEV-H:

  1. RHV 4.1 Guest Tools ISO

  2. RHV-M Appliance for 4.1 (the OVA RHV-M Appliance for 4.1 file is not working as well ( OVA has invalid header block (checksum error)) when i try to install it on VMware.)

Please Guide me how to install RHEV-H 4.1. (how to use these two products)?



Thats the download link for RHVH (hypervisor)

You need a active subscription to download it.

Hi Swapnil Jain,

Thanks for your reply

I have active subscription for trial Virtualization.

There are two Products in the download page for RHEV-H:

RHV 4.1 Guest Tools ISO

RHV-M Appliance for 4.1

the RHVH ISO image is not listed in this page.

Please advise


Oh yes you are right, RHVH ISO images is not listed for 4.1.

It's weird there is no rhv-h image of rhv 4.1 for downloading.

Reply From Red Hat Support:

Yes, the RHV-H image is not yet release due to a couple of kernel bug fixes yet pending and on QA status.

Respin RHVH once platform BZ 1431149 is fixed [Emulex lpfc driver]

VMs pause when writing to Virtio-SCSI direct lun with scsi passthrough enabled via an Emulex HBA [Private]

So we are following-up with engineering to get progress updates and will keep you posted on the same as and when the information is available.

It Is so disappointing.

Hello, please note that the RHV-H iso should now be available for download (RHVH-4.1-20170417.0-RHVH-x86_64-dvd1.iso)

Hi Marcus, is there a software channel that these ISO images are located in (RPM format)? Just easier to install the RPM on the manager and then have the manager push out the update.


Hi Colin, it's not possible for the manager to push out the new rpm's unfortunately. The intention is for hypervisors to download their updates either from RHSM or Satellite. The package that provides the updates is redhat-virtualization-host-image-update, which is in the rhel-7-server-rhvh-4-rpms channel (however, this can only be registered to systems with the RHV-H certificate /etc/pki/product-default/328.pem). While it's possible to create your own custom repos and register the hypervisors to it, it would be far easier just to register to RHSM (or Satellite).

Ah, OK, so the old 'install the latest rhev-hypervisor7 RPM' no longer applies? Does this remove the need for having a VM running 'virt-who'?

OK, have just tried registering one of our new DEV 4.1 hypervisors, but Satellite 6.2 is refusing to give it a valid subscription. I'll poke around in and see if I can see whats wrong.

Hello Colin, virt-who is still required AFAIK, further tips on setting that up can be found here