Process for migrating Red Hat Spacewalk from RHN Classic to RHSM.

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How do i migrate my Spacewalk from RHN to RHSM ? I found the following steps in the previous discussion. My Spacewalk is running on RHEL 6.8

# yum install subscription-manager-migration subscription-manager-migration-data

# rhn-migrate-classic-to-rhsm

Also, if the above steps are correct, do I have to run those commands on each and every RHEL 6.8 systems which are currently subscribed to RHN?



To confirm we're discussion the same product, there is no Red Hat product known as "Red Hat Spacewalk". Spacewalk is the upstream project which we make available as Red Hat Satellite 5.

Are you wanting to migrate your Satellite 5 installation so that it no longer connects to Red Hat Network (RHN), but instead connects to Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM)? If that is the case, and you have RHEL hosts under management with Satellite 5, you can follow the following instructions. Following these instructions means the Satellite 5 will be registered with RHSM, and download content from the Red Hat Content Delivery Network (CDN). All RHEL hosts under management with Satellite 5 will continue to be registered with the Satellite 5 server, and obtain their content from it.

Preparing Satellite 5 systems for Red Hat Network's End of Life

I also suggest you read the following information, as it describes the change to RHSM in more detail. The Migration tab contains details about how you make the transition from RHN to RHSM.

Red Hat Subscription Management

Please feel free to raise any other questions about the migration process.

Thanks a lot Russell. I will go through the documents first and see if I need to consult again.

Hello everybody,

We actually have Spacewalk 2.7 on our organization. We know that it is the Free equivalent of Red Hat Satellite 5 with no support. However we would like to know definitly if Red Hat Enterprise Systems (versions 5 - 6 and 7) could be managed by Spacewalk with RHSM, or if they need Satellite (5.8 and next releases / 6.0 and next releases). Some documents reveal that it was possible with RHN, but what about after the migration from RHN to RHSM ?

Moreover, on "GitHub Spacewalk Project" FAQ section, we can find a comparison with Spacewalk and Satellite, which seems that Spacewalk can't manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems, as Satellite can't manage other systems as Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

Is Spacewalk can only be able to support systems like CentOS, Fedora, SLE and Debian today ? Do we need to use only Red Hat Satellite to manage RHEL systems with RHSM ?

Thanks in advance for your precious help.

Best regards.


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