Migrate from As6 to Eap 7 Configuration Issues - http 404 error when invoking from an application.

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I have been having a frustrating time trying to migrate from AS6 to EAP7. I have an ear with just 2 modules (although they are quite big and complex modules.)

Ear --

The ear deploys without any errors. However when I try to access the via the uri I get 404 errors. I can access the console and the ear is there along with the sub modules and all the hibernate mappings. I have attached a file showing my configuration. Any help would be appreciated.

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har (hibernate archive) was used in Hibernate 3 with EAP 4/5 but it's not a standard EE deployment. And there is no har deployer and not supported in EAP 6/7. Please refer to the following knowledge for details and pleae repackage it to use JPA .

Thanks for the help Masafumi. One thing I forgot to mention is that we are still using hibernate 3.6. I have excluded Hibernate 4 and 5 in the deployment structure and included the 3.6 installation in the modules and included them in the deployment structure. I have repackaged the har as a jar etc as per solutions above. I still get a 404 error !!!

Any help would be appreciated.