How to install GUI on RHEL 7.3 from command line

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Hello, I downloaded a trial of RHEL 7.3 and I'm trying to install it on VMWare. During installation, the first page with the server w/ a GUI option, skips by and I don't have time to change the settings. Then it goes to the page with setting root password and creating a user. I do that and continue installation till it finishes. It then takes me to a command line instead of the GUI. I need to know how to install a GUI from the line and possibly register my copy along the way. I've read to use "yum groupinstall 'Server with GUI'" but that says "no enabled repos" and it doesn't work. I managed to register my copy, but now it says it needs updates. Has anyone heard of this problem? Is there an easy way to install RHEL 7 with a GUI?