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Is there an easy way to get information about Red Hat repositories?

If I want to know what content is in the Optional, Common or Supplementary repositories is there a source for that information on the Red Hat site? Can I browse the repository packages on a site some place?

I found this link:

Which sort of explains what the Optional and the Supplementary repositories contain but doesn't go into any great detail. I have tried to find information about rhel-7-workstation-extras-rpms, what it contains and why I would need to use it but failed.

Besides trial and error or poking around on an actual system I am not sure how to find decent information about the repositories. For every other distro I have used it is pretty painless to go and look at the repo data.

Hopefully I am just missing something and there is an easy way to get detailed information about the different Red Hats repositories, what packages they contain and why I might need to use them.

I am guess it is probably to much to ask for detailed information like this for each repository:


Hello, the linked info below is not exactly what you want but you might find it helpful in understanding what some of the repo names mean:

Understanding Red Hat Content Delivery Network Repositories and their usage with Satellite 6 .

The new, beta version, of the package browser Red Hat Packages allows you to restrict a search to a certain repositories.