Red Hat Code Browser bug?

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I would like to find the patch that change #define DRV_VERSION_BUILD 21 in Intel Ethernet driver, so I search as below,

and I find this patch do that change in the preview window, and that is what I want

38 #define DRV_VERSION_MINOR 3
39 -#define DRV_VERSION_BUILD 21
40 +#define DRV_VERSION_BUILD 25
41 #define DRV_VERSION __stringify(DRV_VERSION_MAJOR) "." \

But once I click the link on the top of the preview window to see the patch content

There is no DRV_VERSION_BUILD change in the patch content. Why?


Good question. There's a couple of places where we've changed the build version to 21:

$ git log --oneline drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40evf/i40evf_main.c | egrep "\.21$"
b93904f [netdrv] i40e/i40evf: Changed version from 1.6.19 to 1.6.21
c193a82 [netdrv] i40e/i40evf: Bump i40e to 1.3.34 and i40evf to 1.3.21

That last one is not released yet:

$ git describe --contains b93904f

It's possible this is due to multiple commits which are squished into the one RPM patch file?

I'll reach out to the team who make the Portal Source Browser.

I spoke to the PSB team about this. They're aware that this diff-to-patch resolution is not perfect at the moment, and added this report to their internal issue tracker.

To set an expectation, the Portal Source Browser is not a focus area for the team at the moment so it will probably be quite some time before this is looked at, if at all.

Thanks a lot for your help, due to this issue, is there any service or subscription available to access the patch set directly(git? tarball?) instead of through Portal Source Browser? I'd like to purchase such a service.

I'm sorry, there is no such offering for a per-patch repo, that is internal only.

We commit directly into the CentOS git repository, and you can rebuild kernel SRPMs that way:

I realise that doesn't achieve your aim but it is the only official offering to non-customers. Customers get access to signed SRPMs but still no per-patch tree.