Mapping of RHGS Version to RHEL Kernel

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I have been looking for a mapping of the RHEL kernel that is installed with various versions of the RHGS ISO and have been unsuccessful. Currently, we have RHGS 3.0, which installed the RHEL 7.1 kernel. I am looking to upgrade the kernel to 7.2 or 7.3 and I don't know what version of RHGS to upgrade to that would include the correct kernel. I have been told that it is not recommended to upgrade the kernel from a standard RHEL repository and that I should have a separate Gluster repository configured with rpms specifically for it. Any ideas where to find a reference like this?


The RHGS uses its own repository/channels - check this guide and compare sections 2.2 and 2.3 - particularly section 2.3 describes how to run RHGS on top of RHEL.

Thank you, Zdenek, for your response. I had seen that guide and it does not provide what I am looking for. The situation is that I am looking to upgrade a node that had installed the RHEL 7.1 equivalent to the RHEL 7.2 equivalent. I am looking for a mapping of which RHGS versions are equivalent to which RHEL version. For example, according to the guide you referenced, RHGS 3.2 contains the kernel for RHEL 7.3. The rest of my environment (non-gluster) is running RHEL 7.2 and I want to keep the RHGS version in sync with the rest of the environment. Hopefully this makes sense?

Ok I understand.

If you have access to the ISO, you may check the Packages/redhat-release*.rpm package which describes the RHEL version.

E.g. RHGS 3.1 has redhat-release-7.1*, RHGS 3.2 has redhat-release-7.3.

But they are customized so I believe they are only loosely bound to the corresponding RHEL.

Hope it helps...


So similar to Kelly's question... I am trying to figure out which gluster rpm versions correlate to a which RHGS versions.

For example, we are running RHGS 3.1 (installed from ISO), however all the relevant gluster RPMs which were installed from the ISO are versioned 3.7.1.x (ex: glusterfs-3.7.1-16.el7.x86_64.rpm)

So if I wanted to upgrade to RHGS 3.1.3 --- what version should those RPMs be? Similar question for RHGS 3.2.. I am struggling to find this information anywhere, beyond downloading the specific ISOs and seeing which RPMs are contained in them.

Appreciate any input.

You may check out this and this article.

man, exactly what i was trying to find... perfect - thank you!