No available subscription pools -- First time subscribing using a RHEL WS self-supported account

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Greetings of the day,

This is my first time using RHEL WS 7.3. I have paid for a self-supported license and installed it atop a dual Xeon E5-2660 with a BIOS RAID 1+0 configuration. Before I get into the problem: I have googled this for 3 days. I have RTFM, chapter 6. and am stuck on step 2 "subscription-manager list --available". I have verified that the date and time are correct. I have verified using lscpu that my system information is accurate. I have attempted to assign it a pool manually using the master pool ID that I have located on And now I am at an impasse.

I have also re-installed three times and downloaded the 4 GB RHEL WS 7.3 image three times and double checked file integrity when making the USB bootable in Rufus with a DD image from ISO provided at the official RHEL download source.

The issue is -- my RHEL installation seems to not want to take my subscription at all. I re-registered using --force. It connects to the RH subscription server, interrogates my credentials and SUCCESSFULLY registers the system. But it sees no available subscriptions for me after all of the aforementioned steps.

I am completely out of troubleshooting avenues here, please bail me out.

Thank you in advance,


RHEL support helped me fix this instantly. It was my own ignorance. You need to remove previously consumed subscriptions in the customer portal if you reinstall. To anyone having similar issues (I see several semi-unresolved cases in the past year or so on the community) please check your account management and remove any old, consumed subscriptions. Thanks to RHEL support for the quick resolution.

How do I "check my account management" or "remove old, consumed subscriptions"? Is account management something at

Hi Topher,

You can check and manage your account here -> and here -> For management of subscriptions - contact :
Red Hat Customer Support Or do you mean the registered systems ? Then you can remove them with :

sudo subscription-manager remove --all
sudo subscription-manager unregister
sudo subscription-manager clean


Tom, even though your system is self-supported, I believe you can still open up a ticket for the cause of overcoming subscription-management (for yum repo) issues.

That being said, log into, and then after logging in, go to and see if you have any systems registered there or not.

This link here will show you your current subscriptions.

If you do have systems registered , go to the link for that system and then click on the subscription tab within that page that appeared through this process. You can manually add subscriptions right there, and I'd try it just to see if it works or not.

What I keep forgetting (yearly) subscription-manager attach --pool=Pool ID number (Don't even worry about the old pool)