RHEL Atomic and security benchmarks

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We are actively investigating containers and everything they have to offer, and hopefully plan to start using them in the near future.

One huge question that is glaring out for me is how are major organizations/agencies securing this? My organization is a CIS shop, and most anything getting deployed should be locked down to a CIS Benchmark, and we require routine scanning to make sure things are compliant.

I think RHEL Atomic is great, but how am I suppose to pitch this to my security folks? I would be interested to see how other people and organizations got started using this technology, especially so with organizations that have a high standard of documentable and auditable security standards, like CIS or STIG.


CIS Docker Benchmark is available for containers.

Red Hat have a RHEL Atomic security guide - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7 Container Security Guide


We have this for Cis Benchmark RHEL7?