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Hi Redhat Community,

Because you always upgrade to the latest RHEL 6 packages with the latest Preupgrade Assistant version before running it, there seems to be no control over which version of the OS you upgrade to. Last month I was still able to upgrade to RHEL 7.2, but now I'm forced to upgrade to RHEL 7.3. The same issue would exist if you want to upgrade to RHEL 7.3, when RHEL 7.4 would be released. Then the upgrade tool would likely force us to upgrade to RHEL 7.4. For our software we would provide support for it running on RHEL 7.3, but not for RHEL 7.4.

Is there a way to select what version of RHEL you upgrade to with the Preupgrade Assistant and the Redhat Upgrade Tool?

# redhat-upgrade-tool --network 7.2 --instrepo --cleanup-post --addrepo rhel-7-optional=
You are trying to upgrade on system 7.2 which is not allowed.
Preupgrade-assistant assess the system for upgrade to 7.3 version
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Hi Peter, how do you solve this problem at last?

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