Unable to set MTU 9000 of Intel, Startech 10G NIC's on RHEL 7.3 OS via SSH from remote computer. Throwing error SIOCSIFMTU: Operation not permitted

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 server.
Kernel version: 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64

I am trying to set MTU of one of the Intel NIC interface to 9000. By issuing this command: "sshpass -p pwd ssh host_name@Ip_address /sbin/ifconfig interface_name mtu 9000" via Putty SSH. Command didn't get succeed and it will through below error:
SIOCSIFMTU: Operation not permitted

However if I try to set MTU in the actual test machine using the system's terminal by using this command : "ifconfig interface_name mtu 9000" it will work.

I don't see this issue in 7.2 Server.


Hi, The error simply means user under which you run the command is not allowed to do it. Try it run with sudo or under root.

After changing the command with su prefix, able to set MTU to 9000. Updated command: sshpass -p pwd ssh host_name@Ip_address "echo pwd | su -c '/sbin/ifconfig interface_name mtu 9000'"