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upgrading Jboss7.0EAP to EAP7.0.1. For some reason jboss-7.0.1.patch.zip will not create a directory in /tmp.

I see the following exception when i apply the patch from cli

patch apply /app/jboss/jboss-eap-7.0.1-patch.zip --host=localhost

("host-failure-description" => ("local host" => java.io.FileNotFound Exception: /tmp/jboss-as-patch/patch.xml(No such file or directory")

Why JBoss EAP CLI throws the following FileNotFoundException for patch.xml while using patch apply CLI command in EAP 7?


Hi Anil,

This might be a permissions issue if you are attempting to apply the patch to a remote machine. Is 'localhost' the name of your JBoss EAP host controller that you are trying to patch? Is it the same machine that you are running the management CLI on?

I would suggest it might be best that you open a support case so one of our staff can have a look at how your JBoss EAP domain environment is configured.

Hi Lucas, localhost is the name of the JBoss EAP host controller that i'm applying the patch and it is the same machine that i'm running the management CLI on I'm Applying Patch as root user. so permissions shouldn't be the issue.

Sorry Anil, I can't reproduce this issue on my test machine.

Opening a new support case will be best to get this properly looked at by one of our support engineers.


did you try to omit the --host parameter?

For JBoss EAP running as a managed domain, the --host parameter is required when applying a patch.

OK, I see, is it new for 7.0? I don't remember it from 6.4

Nope, it was required in 6.4 too :)

is this solved?

I am running in the same issue, someone had a solution? :)

Any solution?