Intall GBP on Mitaka using packstack over centos

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Per one have to "yum install openstack-neutron-gbp" and "yum install python-gbpclient", but these are not included in the regular repositories (found only in fedora).
How can it be installed on Mitaka Centos-Packstack, and also compatible with ODL (beryllium) ?


Hi Gideon,

Mitaka Centos-Packstack is this a Red Hat product or a CentOS product? Due to the name I guess it is a CentOS product.

In general this forum is used by Red Hat product users, may you have more luck on the CentOS mailling lists.

It might be that one of us has experience with Neuron GBP, but still I advise you to try the CentOS mailing lists too.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hi Jan, Thanks for your reply. Packstack is a Redhat product, and typically we use rhel (actually using OSPD8), but for my specific tests simplicity I decided to install packstack over Centos7 rather than over rhel7.2 (I've the subscription needed for rhel). If Rhel7.2 is preferred for packstack when adding the GBP and SFC functions, I'll reinstall it using Rhel7.2. I'd appreciate your advice.

best regards, Gideon