Configuring Red Hat OpenStack Platform for Testing

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I have tested RHEL 7.1 OSP 8 using PackStack. Since there is limited customization possibility in Packstack configuration, now I am planning on step-by-step configuration. Can anyone explain me on whether to use overcloud/undercloud concept or otherwise to use module-wise installation guide? What is the difference between those two and what are the usecases of those two?


Hi Pamuditha

Feel free to read the following links and posts


Thanks Marcos for the reply. I am considering this deployment for testing NFV setup. Initially I would use PackStack OpenStack as VIM and then use NFV MANO upon that. Do you have any idea on how Red Hat OSP would support on Application failure detection(service resiliency) and Application scalability? Do Red Hat have separate OpenStack version for carrier-grade network services? Kindly comment on this as well if you have an idea.

Red Hat OSP is NFV-ready, and is the same version across all customers. It offers a Telemetry service to allow OpenStack tenants to detect events, and also for Operators, it has a set of Operational Tools that helps monitor availability, capacity and logging. Feel free to read the following documentation