How to check if a host needs to reboot?

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Hello Community,

I'd like to know how to figure out if a host needs to be rebooted after the installation of updates. Is there any way to determine wether a reboot is needed or not?

By know I could use the following script to create a file if a reboot is necessary:

LAST_KERNEL=$(rpm -q --last kernel | perl -pe 's/^kernel-(\S+).*/$1/' | head -1)CURRENT_KERNEL=$(uname -r)

  touch /var/run/reboot-required

But I'm not sure if a new kernelversion is the only reason that requires a reboot.

On SLES there is the command zypper ps -s to check for running processes which use deleted files. Is there a similar mechanism in RHEL? Or are there no running processes which use deleted files because these are reloaded every time an update changes files used by some process?

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