Is there any way to migrate from desktop edition to workstation ?

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I have an old installed base of desktop edition machines ( running on vmware for hardware independance ), using this software:
subscription-manager list
Installed Product Status
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop
Product ID: 68
Version: 6.6
Arch: x86_64
Status: Not Subscribed
Status Details: Not supported by a valid subscription.

Recently I 'upgraded' my licenses to workstation licenses wanting to be able to use more CPU and RAM for a bit higher workloads.
Imagine my surprise when I now no longer am able to patch the machines since I have the wrong kind of licenses.
Complete reinstall is not really a good way to go as a change in opreating system may force us to certify our own products again.

In case I do have a reinstall, what would be the easiest way to do that, given that I want to have a mirror image of the existing desktop machine, but with workstation packages ?



Hi Tommy,

Try the instructions from

Regards, Radek

Thanks Radek, I will try that one, as that looks promising. Regards, ¨Tommy

how comes i cannot access the solution 1386673? i have subscription and already logged in.

Michelle, technically, the instructions from the original article worked, but the whole concept of switching product is in fact unsupported. Consequently, the article is no longer available to customers. Please see instead.