No more acces to manager VM after changing ovirtmgmt VLAN settings

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I did a terrible mistake : I wanted to make some tests on VLAN, but I used the wrong interface to test it : ovirtmgmt

Since then I can't access anymore to the Manager VM.

It seems the VM can't start anymore, with vdsClient -s 0, I can see it with "Status = Down" and "exitMessage = Failed to acquire lock: No space left on device"

the hosted-engine --vm-status :
Engine status : unknown stale-data
stopped : False

I didn't find succeed to access it using SPICE/VNC.

I'm running a self-hosted-engine on a single host.

Any idea how I can disable the VLAN tagging for this VM using vdsClient ?

I really need help with this !


I actually found out the problem was somewhere else. By deleting the file, which seems to be the lockfile in the data domain called "DIRECT_IO_TEST". The VM can now start again without crashing.

Anyway, datacenter and data domain are now in wrong state.