Iscsi Storage cant leave Maintenance Mode

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my RHEV Iscsi Storage went to Maintenance Mode. I cant Activate the Storage because an Backup Tool complete destrpoyed the Storage. so he misses a Volumne Group and cant be activatet.

So i want to detach the Storage, but:

If i click remove he says:

Error while execution action: Cannot detach Storage. The following VM are previewing a Snapshot

When i try to remove the VM / undo the preview it says:

Cannot revert to Snapshot. Storage is in maintanance Mode.

There is my Problem, I need to kill the Snapshot to remove the Storage - But need the active storage to kill the VM :-/

I tryed to force "remove" with the RHEVM Shell - same Issue.

Any Idea how i can kill the VM or the Storage?


Hi Thomas,

It seems a specific issue, did you open a support case?

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit Kootsra

Hey Jan,

i really want to, but i work for an Red Hat Distributor. We just got NFR Subs with no Support :-/