RHEV-M not able to access iSCSI LUN previously added during installation

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Hi there

Today i started using RHEV and it's quite nice so far.
I still have storage related issues which i cannot resolve by myself.

I'm using this document as installation reference:

My main problem now is that i cannot access the iSCSI Lun i added during the self-hosted_engine installation of the RHEV-M.

When i access the web-interface and try to add storage by myself (i already wondered why it's not added automatically, since i added it during the RHEV-M installation) i only get a window, that it's already in use where i can check a box to confirm but after that i get another window with the message that the volume-group couldn't get created.

Thanks in advice,


Hello, the iscsi lun you added during setup (step 4B?) should be the lun that your HostedEngine instance is running on. If you have access to the rhevm web interface now, then I assume that installation was successful. You'll need to pick another iscsi target (or other storage) for your VM storage domain - you can't use the same one assigned for HostedEngine.

Thanks for using our docs. Yep, you need to create another data domain for the data center to be initialized to host regular virtual machine data, and for the Manager virtual machine to be visible. An important box has been added to end of the installation procedure.

Kind regards, Julie