Storage Domain Addition issue in RHEV-M 3.4

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Dear All,

we are planning to configure export_domain by using nfs , which is created in rhev-m 3.4 server's internal harddisk and we are trying to connect it from rhev-m admin portal. but no luck we are struck to create a export_domain . Can any one please advise us to proceed further.

Sathish Kumar


Hey Sathish, the best way to get help on this issue is to open a support case. We may need to collect logs from the environment to diagnose this. However, the first thing to look at is to make sure the firewall ports are open on your RHEV-M to allow for NFS. I recommend using NFSv4 ports as there's less of them to open. Then, when you add the export domain in the RHEV-M gui, you can force NFSv4 instead of Auto-Detect or NFSv3 under "Custom Connection Parameters" dropdown menu.

Hi Bryan, Checked the firewall status in ev-m and ev-h, it is in disabled state. How ever we tried to use nfsv4 option but no luck still the issue persist. Here we have 60 days trial subscription account. is it possible to open a support case for this kind of account.

Does your subscription say "60 day Supported Evaluation"? If so, then you can open a support case.

Hi Sathish. Just a thought I've forgotten a few times myself. Have you checked the owner and group on the folder for export? Needs to be 36:36. As I recall it's equal to vdsm:kvm

Hi Stig,

Now we are able to connect export_domain after changing the nfs folder permission from root:root to vdsm:kvm. Thanks a lot for help.