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I currently have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite subscription and I am building out a home lab for learning purposes and certification. The question I have is there a developers license for RedHat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) or that includes RHEV?

If not is there a cost effective RHEV license I can purchase for a home lab environment so I can learn RHEV in my home lab environment? I currently have KVM set up on my RHEL 7.x server and run my VM's on that and would like to convert that environment to a RedHat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) environment as we are considering moving to RHEV were I work. I understand it has 30-60 license, I would like something more permanent so I dont have to continually tear down/rebuild my environment.

I am looking for something simular to VMware's VMUG subscription on the Red Hat side that would include RHEV or License it. Thanks in advance!



I have raised this exact issue in the past and it is a point of constant frustration for me. I ended up using the 30 day license for RHEV, but for other products there is little option other than their upstream sources (eg. For Satellite I used Foreman, Satellite beta and now have access to the 'real thing' on customer site, Red Hat Storage I haven't found a decent option for so haven't bothered with it).

I find it difficult because I interface with multiple businesses and Red Hat always come back with "have the customer request access to the trial through sales". Most of the time it is when I am personally PoC'ing the product to provide guidance to the client before they invest in their own money/resources into a formal PoC (at which point they request a trial license formally through sales channels). No one likes a consultant that chargers the business to learn on the job!

Basically what I would like to see is a Red Hat MSDN equivalent so admins/engineers can get some exposure to Red Hat's wider ecosystem for PoC purposes.

Has this status changed in the past 18+ months? It seems like a couple lab RHEV licenses (for failover/HA testing) would be easy to tie to the developer license model.

And yet ANOTHER 18 months have gone by and still this is a problem...

Hi Daniel and Dave,

For Red Hat partners there are Not for Resale subscriptions.

So is your company a Red Hat partner or does the company buy the subscriptions via a Red Hat partner?

In both cases your internal sales should be able to request NfR subscriptions for you.


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