Uploading iSO images to ISO domain sucessfully, but no see it in RHEVM GUI

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Hi all,
As my title, I have ISO domain (name: ISO), I have upload ISO files to /tmp/ISO, I have used: engine-iso-uploader --iso-domain=ISO upload iso_files, and upload successfully, but I don't see them in RHEVM GUI. Please show me how to check (by commandline) which ISO images have uploaded and how to do RHEVM show them!


Same issue here with RHEV 3.6

Hello, On the nfs server, cd to the directory you are exporting, and run: ls -l /images/1111 ls -ld . The directory and all files should be owned by '36:36'

If you are still having issues after that, try putting the ISO domain into maintenance then re-activating. If that doesn't help, try restarting ovirt-engine also:

service ovirt-engine restart

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Chown - R 36:36 /isos/

Thanks, It was useful when I configured an NFS external repository.

~]# cat /etc/exports
~]#chown - R 36:36 /isos /templates /machines

Hello. After checking in 36:36 in nfs server, and the restarts no possible to view contents in 4.1, meanwhile same iso domain works properly on 3.4.

Could you help? Thanks

Hello, it's a bit strange that works with 3.4 but not on 4.1. If the above suggestions haven not helped, try clicking on the Storage tab, your ISO domain, the 'Images' sub-tab, and check under the list of images there. Also, double check that the that the permissions, ownership, and SElinux context looks consistent with the working images. On the NFS server:

cd <export path>
ls -l */images/*
ls -lZ */images/*

If it's still not working, I would suggest opening a case with Red Hat Support to investigate further.