Downgrade from rhel 7.2 to 6.5

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Is it possible to downgrade rhel 7.2 to rhel 6.5 using any kind of package or update?



No, this requires a re-installation.

What problem are you facing on RHEL 7 which you believe requires going back to RHEL 6?

Hi Jamie;

I am working with FEA tools such as Ansys and Abaqus, whose latest stable versions support RHEL 6. I am currently facing couple of license manager related issues on RHEL 7 and just looking for ways to downgrade without reinstallation.

need backup a kernel version old manuel install after i help

You need to backup all data then reinstall As I know there is no migration for downgrade RHEL 7.x to RHEL 6.x You have to manually do all things.