RHEVM API access speed?

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I would like to use some simple command-line tooling for access to RHEVM, but the access speed for the API appears to be too slow to be useful. As an example, this little python block:

from ovirtsdk.api import API
api = API(url = "https://myserv", insecure = "True",
username = "my_user", password = "my_pass")

vms = []
users = []

vms = api.vms.list(max = "200")
users = api.users.list(max = "200")

takes about 1:50 to execute in our environment, thus making it unusable in any kind of interactive script. Response times are similar if I do a "GET" on the api URL like "https://myserv/api/vms".

This is an RHEV 3.3.0 environment; under normal circumstances we do NOT have login access to the RHEVM host.

Am I missing something obvious here, or is this really the speed we have to work with?



Please use the following command to determine whether your server or your client is the cause for slowing down the query:

wget -k --user --password --no-check-certificate https://myserv/ovirt-engine/api/vms

When this runs much faster than your python script, have a look at the XML parsing of the data sent by the server into the python objects.