Disaster Recovery RHEV 3.5

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Hello Guys

In my office I have a lab with a environment of RHEV 3.5 and I need to know if is possible set an environment of Disaster Recovery in RHEV.

My environment is the following

Site Primary:

1 Storage Equallogic
1 RHEV-M 6.5
2 RHEV 3.5

Site Secondary
1 Storage Equallogic
1 RHEV-M 6.5
2 RHEV 3.5

In my Site Primary I have 3 VM of testing and I need replicate to secondary site in case of failure of the primary site. I search information and I found that you can export from a Datacenter Storage Domain to another (Admin Guide) but if my Site Primary is fully down I not have options to export data to the site secondary.

In my Equallogic is enable the LUN replication from primary site to secondary site. I need to know if there is another procedure who by example a script to replicate the VM to secondary site.

Thanks for your help.




What I found that worked for my situation, was at each site we have a non-replicated storage domain that is primary SD, so this way when we failover the DC will still be up at the 1st site. Then we created the replicated storage domain in the 1st site, setup our replication between the san's. When I failover the san to the 2nd site, I login to the manager at the 2nd site and import the iscsi storage domain, then import the vm's. The problem we had was failing back, we have to put the replicated SD in maintenance mode, then detach the SD, then remove it (but do not format it). Before we failback I have to login to the 1st site manager and forcefully remove the replicated SD, the reason, I had to do this was because of the lvm tag's that are removed after the SD is removed from the 2nd site, I tried manually editing the tags, but the SD would become verify buggy. So, I found the easiest way around this was to remove the domain from the 1st site before I failed back from the 2nd site and then when I fail back to 1st site, I just import the SD back into 1st site.