Does RHEV support SR-IOV and Nested VM?

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1) I am failed to enable IOMMU on the kernel due to no permission to the /etc/sysconfig/grub. Even I follow the guide on, SR-IOV still doesn't work.

2) May I know if RHEV supports nested VM. I add vmx in the cpu feature of the vm xml file on the RHEL and works fine via virsh tool . No idea how to configure in RHEV which doesn't hold the xml of the vm.

Thanks a lot for the support.


Hi there,

Native SR-IOV support is tentatively planned for the RHEV 3.6 release.

Nested virtualization is not currently supported in RHEV 3.x and there are no plans for this functionality in the RHEV 3.x life cycle. This may be a feature we look at for the next iteration of RHEV (meaning RHEV 4.0) but we are not even at a planning stage for that release yet.

If you'd like, please open a support case and we can file an RFE for nested virtualization and can provide tracking updates there.

Indeed, SR-IOV support is available on RHEV-3.6.

Editing the Virtual Function Configuration on a NIC:

Enabling Passthrough on a vNIC Profile:

Creating a vNIC Profile:

Explanation of Settings in the VM Interface Profile Window:

But read carefully.