EAP 6.4 deployment-overlay fs-path searches from current directory

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I am trying to use a deployment-overlay and when I specify the --content argument the fs-path part searches from the current directory regardless of what I enter.

deployment-overlay add --name=ObsidianOverlay --content=WEB-INF/lib/batch-client-1.5.0.jar=/users/tmcginnis/.m2/repository/com/ajga/batch/batch-client/ --deployments=Obsidian

Here is the error.

Content file doesn't exist C:\Users\tmcginnis\EAP-6.4.0\bin\users\tmcginnis.m2\repository\com\ajga\batch\batch-client\\batch-client-


It looks like you're running on this on a Windows system but the path you're providing in your --content is a linux path. The content should be the file path [1] so try the full path to the file. Also, replace "--content=WEB-INF" with "--content=/WEB-INF"... notice the leading "/" From [1]

"--content: A comma-delimited list of files to overlay. Each item in the list is a key-value pair, where the key is the path in the deployment in which to place the overlaid file and the value is the filesystem path to be used as the content that will be overlaid in the deployment."

[1] https://access.redhat.com/solutions/383393

You are right. I thought I had tried it that way but guess I didn't get it exactly right. Here is what worked.

deployment-overlay add --name=ObsidianOverlay --content=\WEB-INF\lib\batch-client-1.5.0.jar=c:\users\tmcginnis.m2\repository\com\ajga\batch\batch-client\\batch-client- --deployments=Obsidian

Thanks for your help!