Excluding wsdl-secure-port from wsdl-host

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I'm trying to rewrite my WSDL endpoint URLs on my JBoss EAP 6.4 instance:


It kind of works, except my endpoint URLs end up including the https port (https://example.com:8443/...), which forces a 404.

Is there a way I can explicitly exclude the port from my URLs?

Much appreciated.


If you've exposed the WSDL as secure then it will use the https port. If it's exposed under that URL then you shouldn't be getting a 404. Is that the port you are expecting it or is that where the WSDL is published?

Hi Mustafa,

Our WSDL was pointing to localhost and wanted to point to our product domain. Overwriting the domain was forcing the port as part of the WSDL.


We found a work-around by specifying 443 as https port. 443 would entirely remove the port off the endpoint URL:


Much appreciated just the same.