about deployments on JBOSS EAP6.4 but not hot deployments

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Say i have successfully deploy a war app on jboss eap6.4. I want to replace some old contents with new ones without just replace old war file with new war file. Are there any approaches to do the thing discussed above with jboss eap6.4? like with tomcat i can just modify some contents of exploded folder of my app on server without restart the tomcat.


Yes, use the same approach in JBoss and deploy using exploded deployments.

Do you mean that using the deployment scanner to auto deploy exploded deployments? i have tried to unzip the war file and rename the unzipped folder with .war suffix and put it in the deployment scanner, but it was always failed.

By default, the deployment scanner does not auto-deploy exploded deployments.

See 'Enable automatic deployment of exploded content' in the EAP 6.4 documentation if you want to enable it:



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