RHEL first subscription what am I doing wrong

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So I wanted to test out RHEL,
I created a VM without issue but now am unable to associate a subscription with the server.
The server registered fine and I added a trial subscription license for 30 Day Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Self-Supported Evaluation ;
The license appears active but when attempting to associate the license with the server:
On the portal I get
No available subscriptions found.
On subscription manager CLI subscription-manager list --available
No available subscription pools to list

I can't believe it is this difficult to get a trial going what am I missing?





Did you install the same product as your subscription?

RHEL has 3 kinds:

1) server
2) workstation
3) desktop

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Jan Gerrit

I think so registered server gives
distribution.name Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
distribution.version 7.1
distribution.version.modifier ga

The subscription is 30 Day Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Self-Supported Evaluation

Incidentally feature request if you have an server with no license there should probably be a link to acquire the correct one.

However I think I have the correct license and if I show all licenses valid or otherwise nothing is returned.

Thanks though


Are you using any guides to help you? Please also confirm if this is RHEL7 or 6 you are testing.

For example, for RHEL7, there is a section in the System Administration Guide Registering the System and Managing Subscriptions

RHEL 7 and I have attempted to follow the guide but as previously stated can not get beyond stage 2 because

[root@localhost ~]# subscription-manager list --available
No available subscription pools to list

The system is registered without difficulty

One possible cause could be if your system has more sockets than the entitlement allows.

As per this solution

This is a very basic VM the socket count is 1

You could try to unregister and register again.

You could have a look in the customer portal to see what it shows for your system: https://access.redhat.com/management/

I have re-registered to no effect
https://access.redhat.com/management/ show the system, gives it's UUID and all its details are displayed in the
Subscription Management > Units section,
As stated above no subscription can be assigned here either.


Is it possible you used this subscription before, for example for another VM which you are no longer using?
If so, you would need to unregister that other system, from the system or from the portal. So the following solution:

How to delete System Profiles for those registered with Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM)?

Please also try:

subscription-manager list --available --all

From the subscription-manager manual page:

LIST OPTIONS The list command lists all of the subscriptions that are compatible with a system. The options allow the list to be filtered by subscriptions that are used by the system or unused subscriptions that are available to the system.

--all Lists all possible subscriptions that have been purchased, even if they don't match the architecture of the system. This is used with the --available option.

--available Lists available subscriptions which are not yet attached to the system.

I had not used the license before.
However this morning it has just started working. No changes were made overnight.
I have read elsewhere about accounts becoming out of sync.
Not the greatest start to my RHEL experience


I'm sorry that your first impression was not a good one. The behavior that you experienced does not usually occur.

When subscriptions are added to an account there is a process in the back-end of subscription services that then makes the entitlements available to the subscription tools. Usually the latency between the subscription being added to the account and the entitlements being available is minimal, but there are times that the process has increased latency. I believe that is what you experienced since the issue resolved itself.

The increases in latency continues to be investigated by our Engineering staff; there is nothing you did incorrectly or could have done to affect the behavior.

I apologize for this issue and hope the remainder of your evaluation performs better. We appreciate your efforts to reach out and help make the experience better.

I think I am having the same problem - I'm afraid I'm underwhelmed by the evaluation experience...

subscription-manager list --available --all
    Available Subscriptions
Subscription Name: 30 Day Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Self-Supported
Provides:          Red Hat Container Images Beta
                   Red Hat Beta
                   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host Beta
                   Oracle Java (for RHEL Server)
                   Red Hat Container Images
                   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
                   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host
SKU:               RH00065
Pool ID:           8a85f9814fd7246f014fe0ece3795f63
Available:         2
Suggested:         1
Service Level:     Self-Support
Service Type:      L1-L3
Multi-Entitlement: Yes
Ends:              10/18/2015
System Type:       Physical

subscription-manager attach --auto
Installed Product Current Status:
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Status:       Not Subscribed


I have the same problem with "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo)". I was trying to install OSP7, undercloud. I had the undercloud properly installed. We had a power outage. Now in my undercloud, it doesn’t even list the subscriptions.

[xxx ~]$ sudo subscription-manager list --available No available subscription pools to list

I tried re-registering and that went ok.

sudo subscription-manager register --force Username:xxx Password: The system has been registered with ID: xxxxxx

But, it doesn’t list anything when I want to get the pool. I had this problem earlier and when I used to register again using force, the problem went away. Now, this persists. The number of sockets is 2.

Any help on this will be great!


I have the same problem, were you able to fix it?

Hi guys, I have the same problem, How did you fix this? Thanks

yum update

       Available: lvm2-2.02.118-2.el6.x86_64 (rhel-6-server-rpms)
           lvm2 = 2.02.118-2.el6
       Available: lvm2-2.02.118-3.el6_7.1.x86_64 (rhel-6-server-rpms)
           lvm2 = 2.02.118-3.el6_7.1
       Available: lvm2-2.02.118-3.el6_7.2.x86_64 (rhel-6-server-rpms)
           lvm2 = 2.02.118-3.el6_7.2
       Available: lvm2-2.02.118-3.el6_7.3.x86_64 (rhel-6-server-rpms)
           lvm2 = 2.02.118-3.el6_7.3
       Available: lvm2-2.02.118-3.el6_7.4.x86_64 (rhel-6-server-rpms)
           lvm2 = 2.02.118-3.el6_7.4

You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest [root@rosocial ~]#

I have the same issue as well. I guess the only option left with me is to buy the theory of delay between subscription and its actual activation. Lets see if things automatically start working overnight.

Same issue here. It's been 4 hours since I paid for the subscription, and registered the system. And of course, can't even open a ticket to ask what the problem is. I guess I just wait.... This is why I use CentOS usually... none of this faffing about. Sigh.

same experience here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NwEj_j3HA0k0sLb6UEVwEFsWNzISO4Fb/view?usp=sharing

Now I checked the system creation time in the portal and it is 1 hour ahead in time. i unregistered the machine changed the time on the machine and registered it again. after that i could assign subscription to the machine from the portal. https://drive.google.com/file/d/114KGIZd5PM5g2CKvFNc2pmz_gjaln2-P/view?usp=sharing

for some reason i do not know if that is really the solution for my problem because the creation time in the portal is wrong again ... ?????? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KH7vpCjtZvxBcVNvW9ET72ZyJrfg_wdQ/view?usp=sharing

Haha If you install gnome from the beggining subscription manager will work flawless from there. that subscription-manager comand is a mess and never works

Trying to install the upgrade tools, they sit in rhel-6-server-extras-rpms. Have 2 VMs both under Sat-5, and now Sat-6.3.3 both working fine for patches. Added the extra REPO and got it working on one vm, but on another (identical) vm I am getting the error Pool "4028......" is restricted to guests running on host: "4d254fc2......".

Any ideas ?

After about an hour being asked to validate my email address over and over again eventually I got an iso. I've installed it but can't download updates as it is "not supported by a valid subscription". The web portal shows that I have a 30-day trial. Why is it so difficult to try this out?

Seems the system got confused and attached/sent an invalid evaluation iso/license to my personal account, which is apparently never going to work so the system shouldn't have sent it. Customer service was a painful experience, basically blaming me for not being familiar enough with the apparently numerous oddities of their CRM system. Not a good start.

subscription-manager list --available --all showing : No available subscription pools to list

The whole "getting started" experience is a complete mess. Please Red Hat, change how you see newcomers as we are your future customers. There is no clear guide for newcomers. It's not an easy thing to onboard with you guys. And if there is, then it's not VISIBLE enough because we can't find it! One quick example. I guess that 90% of your newcomers experience these pains. After having registered on the website, confirmed the email, downloaded 4Go under Developer License, and installed the RHEL 7, using the "subscription-manager register" command still shows a wrong password. Why should anyone have to wait for an authentication server to get in sync? Of course, waiting a few hours did the trick. And then, the same command refuses to register with an opaque, absolutely NOT meaningful error message "NoneType object has no attribute getItem". Of course, this means the "Array is empty" but why should I care? I'm trying to register as a newcomer! F**k