How to shutdown a Node in Redhat Cluster

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I have a 2 node cluster configured on RHEL 5.7 and we need to upgrade the Physical Memory in one of the node.

Hence appreciate if somebody could let me know the correct procedure to shutdown this node and power it up?

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Do you have a quorum disk configured or anything that is causing an extra quorum vote?

If not, keeping quorum during a node shutdown will not work and both nodes go down.
An unjoin will be needed. You are 4 minor releases behind with your patching, please contact Red Hat support for an advise, to avoid issues when your cluster breaks.


Thanks for the comment.
Can I do the below;

Move the service to the passive node
Issue the ccs stop command
shutdown the node
upgrade the memory
power on the node
issue ccs start command
and increase the swap space.

Kindly advice.

Here's the procedure we use to gracefully stop a cluster node:

1) Move/disable any running cluster services on the node
2) service rgmanager stop
3) service clvmd stop
4) service cman stop remove

The "remove" option is very important when stopping cman as it tells the rest of the cluster that the node is un-joining and you won't lose quorum. However, it is VERY important that you make sure you have the "two_node" flag set to "1" in your /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file.

Also, my example above only lists the cluster services we're running (rgmanager, clvmd, cman). If you are running any other cluster services, those need to be stopped before stopping cman.