how can I move redhat licency from one server to another (new one)?

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I've decided to upgrade my server.
I have active self-support RHEL subscription.
Can I use it on a new server?
How should I do this?

  1. Install RHEL on a new server.
  2. Unsubscribe old server and uninstall RHEL.
  3. Subscribe new server.

Should I do something like this? Will it work? Or I have to buy new subscription for a new server?



Officially you should switch step 1 and 2.
If you need to migrated data, request an evaluation subscription for one of the servers for the migration project.

Kin regards,

Jan Gerrit.

Thanks, assuming that I've unsubscribed and uninstalled RHEL 7 from Server 1 how soon can I use subscription on Server 2? Immediately?

yes once the unsubscribe is completed, you can subscribe the new one.

I forgot to "unsubscribe" my previous server. This is what I did

  1. I "secure erase" previous server (forgot to unsubscribe) and sold it to another guy.
  2. Now I'm installing RHEL 7 on a new server.

I wonder if I can somehow on website manage my subscriptions to remove subscription for my previous intallation? Or I can install RHEL 7 and manage subscriptions from there?